sexta-feira, 22 de Agosto de 2014

Maisie, The Elf

Skin/Pele: .Birdy. Maisie Skin ~Pure~ (Bare) Group Gift (free to join)
Hair/Cabelo: Eaters Coma - HAIR 10 (type A) / Light Pink
Hands/Mãos: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture
Feet/Pés: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Ears/Orelhas: *~*Elfin Ears: Naturals
Freckles/Sardas: [THD] Freckles New
Horns: *6DOO* sheep grafting horn Group Gift

Dress/Vestido: Leonard! - Lili Dress ( fitted Mesh ) -white- New
Shoes/Sapatos: ANE Champion Gladiator High Sandals Sale -50% off
Necklace/Colar: (Kunglers Extra) Metallize - grand necklace New - La Metallique Fair
Bracelets/Pulseiras: OVH - Cage Bracelet - S.Gold Recent

Pose: Kirin

terça-feira, 19 de Agosto de 2014

Olive You

Olive you, is a fundraiser event to help the great creator behind Olive ,Naminaeko, fighting against foreclosure of her house.
You can see the details here at Naminaeko's flickr page, 
As I have seen during this time ,I saw how is Second Life can be a great and generous community!
Everyone deserves a place to call home, so some great designers joined this amazing cause to help Naminaeko, and so do you can help! How?
Buying those products  and sharing this event to your friends!
100% of the profit those items goes to help Naminaeko cover the lawyer fews!

Olive You, é um evento de angariação de fundo para ajudar a criadora de Olive, Naminaeko, lutando contra o encerramento da sua casa.
Podem ver aqui  mais detalhes na historia na pagina do flickr da Naminaeko.
Durante este tempo, eu vi o quanto o Second Life consegue ser uma maravilhosa e generosa comunidade!
E toda a gente merece um lugar a qual possa chamar casa, então alguns criadores juntaram se a esta grande causa para ajudar Naminaeko, e tu tambem podes ajudar! Como?
Comprando estes produtos e partilhando este evento pelos os teus amigos e conhecidos!
100% do lucro destes items vai para ajudar Naminaeko a cobrir os gastos do advogado!

Skin/Pele: Arlin.Milk Blond Brows 1l$
Hands/Mãos: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Hands(f) Free
Hair/Cabelo: [monso] My Hair - Elsa/ Brown
Hairbase: [ MUDSKIN ]_HairBase (LightBrown) 1l$
Lipstick/Batom: [PF] Lipstick <Light> - Shine (pink/teeth) Group gift

Sweater: /// offbeat /// simply sweater Group Gift
Skirt/Saia: OVH - Leather Pencil Skirt . Black New
Shoes/Sapatos: [monso] My Studded Oxford - Pink New - Olive You
Necklace/Colar: (Kunglers Extra) Oya - Necklace - gold New - Gypset Market

Pose: Imeka

sexta-feira, 15 de Agosto de 2014

More than White & Black II

Skin/Pele: Egozy. Anjali (Pale).SOFT
Hands/Mãos: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture
Feet/Pés: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Nails/Unhas:alaskametro<3 SLINK manicure applier - "Candy Apple" 10l$

Sweater: [monso] My Cropped Sweater - White New - Collabor88
Pants/Calças: .:villena:. - skinny pants Black leather for PW
Shoes/Sapatos: ANE Half Lace-up Heels Leather Pearl New - Collabor88
Bag/Mala: The Boutique / Bags > Baciaga > Classic Leather Bag Free *
Necklace/Colar: *COCO*_Gift_GoldChainNecklace Group Gift
Shades/Oculos: = REBELLION = AVIATOR SUNGLASSES - Group Gift
Head/Cabeça: OVH - Headwrap - Txt 06 New

Pose: Kirin

*How to get this bag:
When you arrive at The Shops, they will send a folder with 2 HUDs. Accept the folder and save it.
Then choose your teleport for ''The Boutique'', the destination is close to an image of black clutch.
Now wear the Shopping HUD (The Shops! Shopping HUD v.40b ) and go the clutches and bags sections.
With the shopping HUD added, touch the Clutch's image, and will open a menu, touch the right arrow till you found the  ''Baciaga > Classic Leather Bag'' model and touch the icon. You will receive a folder with a white bag, but isn't ready yet, you need to download the free texture for it. Then will open a menu with different colours, the free colour is between a dark brown and pearl kinda like colour, in the 3ºline. If you touched the colour and show up a cost of 0l$ it's that one! After you download the free texture, add your bag and the StyleMode (v.16b) HUD. Touch to edit the bag's style and you will see a menu with every colours you own, if you did right every steps will show up the brown colour, then when you touched ,the bag will turn brown like the photo! I think it's easy, but if you still have any problem with that please send me an IM to try to help you

*Como conseguires esta mala:
Quando chegares na The Shops, eles vão te enviar uma pasta com 2 HUDs, aceita e guarda a.
Agora tens que escolher o teleporte para ''The Boutique'', o destino está perto de uma imagem de uma clutch preta.
Agora veste ou adiciona o HUD -The Shops! Shopping HUD v.40b, e dirige te para a zona das malas.
Com o HUD das compras adicionado, toca na imagem da clutch e vai aparecer um menu. Toca na seta direita até encontrares o modelo '' 'Baciaga > Classic Leather Bag'' e toca no icone. Irás receber uma pasta com uma mala branca, mas ainda não está pronto, precisas de fazer o download da textura gratuita. Irá aparecer outro menu com diferentes cores, a cor gratuita está entre um castanho escuro e uma especie de beije na 3ª linha. Se tocares na cor e aparecer um custo de 0l$, é essa a textura certa. Depois de baixares a textura gratuita, adiciona a tua mala o StyleMode (v.16b) HUD. Toca para editares o estilo da mala e vai mostrar um menu com todas as cores que tens, se fizeste certo todos os passos, irá mostrar a cor castanha, depois de tocares a mala irá aparecer igual a da foto. Eu penso que está bem explicado, mas se continuares com algum problema, por favor manda me IM e tentarei ajudar te.

domingo, 10 de Agosto de 2014

Oh My Sweet Dream

Luckily, there is some creative minds around SL!
And Anemysk Karu, owner of ANE if one of them, for sure. ANE is recent mesh store where you can find original and handmade items. 

ANE is present in so many events that you sure can buy some cool stuff with a speacial discount, like those shoes from Collabor88 for a nice price.

Felizmente, existem algumas mentes criativas no SL!
E Anemysk Karu, criador da loja ANE é uma dela, com certeza. ANE é uma loja recente com artigos originais, feitos á mão em mesh.

Ane está presente em vários eventos por isso é facil comprar alguns  artigos bem giros com um preço especial, como é caso destes sapatos do evento Collabor88 pelo um preço.

Skin/Pele: Egozy.Mendoza (Pale).SOFT
Hair/Cabelo: ANE Hair Buns Dark Blonde 01 (I guess will be at the mainstore soon)
Hands/Mãos: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture
Feet/Pés: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

Top: -Pixicat- Simple.Top Free - Nouveaux August Hunt
Undertop/Top de Baixo: Tokid
Skirt/Saia: MichaMi: Fonda Suede Skirt in Blue
Shoes/Sapatos: ANE Half Lace-up Heels Leather Plum New - Collabor88
Clutch: /// offbeat /// unicorn clutch dream Group Gift - The Dreamers Factory group.
Watch/Relógio: * faun by Marc- Awkward Dolly Watch Old Gift
Necklace/Colar: MG - Necklace - Silver Heart

Pose: //elephante poses// Fever New

segunda-feira, 4 de Agosto de 2014

Europa & Africa

Skin/Pele: Lara Hurley N/a
Hair/Cabelo: (Milana) Nikola bun [roots] n/a
Hands/Mãos: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture
Feet/Pés: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Nails/Unhas: Miamai_Fruity Nails for SLink Group Gift

Jacket+Shirt/Casaco+Camisa: OVH - Denim Shirt . D.Blue New
Shorts/Calções: [monso] My Roll Up Pants - Beige New - Part of A6D Event
Shoes/Sapatos: [L.Warwick] Europa -Slingback Platform Wedges Group Gift (Sl Frees & Offers Group)*
Clutch: OVH - Greta Bag . Coral New
Shades/Oculos: ieQED ace.shades.yellow Subs. Gift
Bow/Laço: {amiable}Head Band03 Group Gift
Earrings/Brincos: OVH - African Earrings - Yellow New

*This gift it's hidden so you need to find it! A little hint - look up and around the corner

About A6D-

Every cycle, the group of talented brands brainstorms to decide a theme of items that are set at special promotional price NEW + EXCLUSIVE only during this 14 days!

There are TWO locations of goodies for you – yes TWO!

1. First buy an item from your favorite brand at A6D venue

2. Unpack it , WEAR your “Discount HUD” found in the folder and proceed to the brand mainstore to buy the MATCH @ promotional price at LIMITED time only.

domingo, 27 de Julho de 2014

More than Black & White

Skin/Pele: .Birdy. Maisie Skin ~Pure~ 1L$ Group Gift (50l$ fee)
Hands/Mãos: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture
Feet/Pés: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Teeth/Dentes: Essences - Teeth Layer Free (Part of a Jamie skin pack)

Sweater: Ricielli - (fitted) Zipped Sweater /BW 15l$ - World Cup Hunt
UnderTop/Top de dentro: Zaara : Isis Shirt *white*
Skirt/Saia: -Pixicat- TheDark.Skirt (Flats) New
Shoes/Sapatos: ANE Champion Gladiator High Sandals New - Kustom9
Bangles/Pulseira: [MANDALA]Milky Way Bangle/white
Necklace 2/Colar 2: [MANDALA]MILKY WAY2 NECKLACE/Hawthorn RED
Headwarp: OVH - Headwrap - Txt 06 New
Clutch: MOLiCHiNO Delirium Clutch Old Gift
Earrings/Brincos: OVH - African Earrings - Red New

Pose: (marukin) Old Gift

quinta-feira, 24 de Julho de 2014

Mrs. Lila

After a long vacations , here I'm! I still trying catching up but I'm back! :D
Maybe you already know that is having the Hair Fair!
One of my favorite events, because in the same place you can find new brands, well know stores, amazing hairs and by buying hair you can contribute to a charity organization.
So go visit the Hair Fair and start to buy!!! Oh of course at the fair you can find a lot of gifts and dollarbies! :D

Skin/Pele: Egozy.Mendoza (Light Fair).SOFT
Hair/Cabelo: [MAG] - SWERVE [busty] New - Hair Fair
Hands/Mãos: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Gesture
Feet/Pés: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Nails/Unhas: beauty by alaskametro<3 SLINK manicure applier - "Candy Apple" 10l$

Top: Zaara : Lila crop top Group Gift
UnderTop/Top de dentro: Maitreya Bodysuit de la Ruche - Sea Green
Shorts/Calções: ISON - pleated shorts (navy)
Shoes/Sapatos: [monso] My Studded Sandal - Silver New - TMD
Bangles/Pulseira: OVH - Cage Bracelet - S.Gold New
Shoulders/Ombros: *COCO*_SweaterOverShoulders_BlackStripe

Pose: //elephante poses// Rather Be *2 Year Bday Gift* Free